Bonfire Endowment Fund

On March 18, 1985 the Class of 1984 Bonfire Endowment Fund was officially established with an initial gift of $20,000 to the Texas A&M Development Foundation.  The Class Agents serving at that time were Barbara Brunner and Teddy Dela Cruz.  Between 1980 and 1984 our class raised this money for the class gift and in the spring of our junior year we voted to use the funds for this purpose.

The following statement was given at the gift presentation on April 14, 1984.

Class of ’84  –  Aggie Bonfire

Aggie Bonfire began in the early 1900’s and at that time was constructed of old boxes and scrap lumber.  As Aggieland has grown, so have its bonfires.  The height of A&M’s flaming symbol has more than tripled since the 25 foot long bonfire of 1942.  The additional height was aided by a center pole which was added in 1945.  The outhouse sits atop bonfire found it’s beginning in the 1920’s.  During those early years, one of the cadets’ favorite materials for building the bonfire was untended, unwatched, and hopefully unoccupied outhouses.

The standard theme of all bonfires is the burning desire to “beat the hell outta t.u.”  However, equally important to the theme is the leadership development of those students who put months into the planning and construction of this, the most spirited of Aggie traditions.

The Class of 1984 supports the spirit and effort of the students of Texas A&M and hereby establishes the Bonfire Endowment Fund so her spirit will continue to burn in the hearts of the past, present, and future Aggies.

Presented to Texas A&M University  –  April 14, 1984 by the Class of 1984

Class Officers:
President – Todd Fleming; Vice President – Barbara Brunner;  Secretary – Anne Bergeron;  Treasurer – Julie Caruthers;  Social Secretary – Sondra Cook;  Historian – Diana Cooper

The Class Agents serving each year following decided the use of the endowment fund proceeds.  Over the years the money was used for such things as insurance premiums, equipment rental, anti-drinking campaigns, transportation costs, and other various expenses as requested by the Bonfire Committee each year.  After the tragic collapse of the bonfire in 1999 the money has been sitting in an investment account until a decision was made on what to do with the funds which would uphold the original intent of the gift.  

We are very excited about the decision to support the current and future students of Texas A&M and the MSC via a donation to the MSC Building and Renovation Campaign, which is a great way to honor the Class of 1984 and the tradition of Aggie Bonfire.

We need your help in raising an additional $84,000 (whoop!) to reach our goal of $200,000 to complete this gift.  Visit the MSC Pillar Campaign page for more information on how to be a part of this legacy to our university!