We’ve Never Been Licked Movie Poster

In December of 1984 our class purchased an original movie poster for the film, We’ve Never Been Licked.  

We’ve Never Been Licked, filmed in 1943, is a World War II movie produced by Walter Wanger and released by Universal Studios.  Parts of the movie were shot on location at the Texas A&M University campus with many A&M traditions highlighted in the film.  The working title of this film was Texas Aggies.

After purchasing the poster in 1984, there was uncertainty as to where this would be displayed. In 1992 the poster was framed and donated to the museum at the Sanders Corps Center, which houses thousands of Aggie artifacts as well as a large military library.

The photo on the right was taken at the poster dedication on March 6, 1992 with Maj. Gen. Thomas G. Darling ’54 and the ’84 Class Agents at the time: Janet Franks, Kirk Joseph, and Philip Leopold.